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(Not much baby-blogging in this update, so here’s an adorable picture from Heather of keeping watch over a stomach-napping Mercena while having a picnic.)

(Why am I naming days?)

9/30/14, Day 14,028 (Mercena Day 46): #MeowMeow4Life

This day is so named for my dear friend and Flux Creative Partner Kia Rogers, whom the Flux CPs showered with love, beer and bar-food last night. Kia’s had a year of some major ups and downs, and after a recent loss, we wanted to surround her with love and celebrate life. When we’re doing it right, Flux really is a family, and I hope last night was one of those nights. A huge thank you to Sandra “MomMom” Morgan for watching Mercena so that both Heather and I could attend.

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about the value of Ensembles, both directly with Flux and then on a working phone call for Network of Ensemble Theaters. NET’s just begun EmcArts’ Innovation Lab, and I felt blessed to be a part of a very thoughtful and expansive phone call about the particular value of ensemble artists, values and practices.

We also had a great visit with our midwives Carol and Shar in the morning for our six-week appointment, and Mercena evidently had a great day with Beatles-inspired naps. I miss her so much during the day…

10/1/14, Day 14,029 (Mercena Day 47): #BuildingArtsAudiences

This day is so named for the launch of the Wallace Foundation’s new $40 million initiative, Building Audiences for Sustainability. I attended the livestream panel that launched the initiative along with their new report, Road to Results, as part of a TCG cohort, and live-tweeted the panel discussion.

The best part of the meeting was bumping into some of my favorite theatre people also in attendance and having some meaningful conversations about parents in theatre. I’d write more, but I don’t know how long this morning nap will last:).

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 154 out of 197 days (Taina and Marvin)
Spanish: 133 out of 197 days
Music: 57 out of 103 days

What small things did I do the past two days to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Ate and cooked local, organic, vegetarian food, and used cloth diapers for Mercena (though delivery from Bare Burger last night did bring two new plastic bags into our life);
  • Participated in a NET planning phone call;
  • Asked GoFundMe to take abortion off its list of banned content;
  • Asked Google to stop funding climate-denying candidates;
  • Asked Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp to make sure all valid voter registration forms are processed.

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6 weeks

It was easy, and it was hard.

The easy part was returning to work. I am so blessed to have co-workers that I genuinely care about and respect, and to have a job I find purpose and pleasure in doing. And so it was surprisingly easy to slip back into the flow, and it was a very productive week at TCG, with several major projects launched or about to launch.

The hard part, of course, was being away from Heather and Mercena. Missing the daily rhythm we’d worked so hard to achieve, and all the little surprises and firsts that bloom within that structure…it was really hard.  It was especially difficult to find a good rhythm for the mornings and nights, because I was trying to cram a day’s worth of engagement into an hour or two, while also trying to move forward the other pieces of my life.

Some of which, this blog included, fell notably off the table. I’m not sure if I really will be able to resurrect this blog in a daily way or not; but I got through the first week back at work, and that’s not nothing.

(Why am I naming days?)
9/22/14, Day 14,020 (Mercena Day 38): First Back At Work, and Kia on the IT Awards

Other than the being greeted by lovely co-workers and a mighty work stack, this day was most notable for Kia’s triumphant win at the IT Awards for lighting design for Jane the Plain. As a theatre person, I have so much love for the way the IT Awards have created a real community, and for the enormous generosity of the folks that keep the IT Awards running. As an artist, I’ve had to disconnect from thinking about awards and reviews, because they set a rat-in-a-wheel turning in my brain that steals my better energies. But as a Creative Partner of Flux and friend of Kia’s, I could not be more thrilled that this incredible human being and artist got a small measure of the recognition her excellence and passion deserve.

9/23/14, Day 14,021 (Mercena Day 39): Mercena’s First Car Ride, or Mommom to the Rescue

A huge thanks goes out to Sandra “Mommom” Morgan for spending this week of days with Heather and Mercena while I was at work. It made a big difference to my peace of mind to know that Sandra was there. And, this day was special because Mecernea took her first car ride to Trader Joe’s for a shopping trip! Unlike her mother, who evidently only slept while in a moving car, Mercena loved it, eyes wide with wonder at all the speeding sights.

9/24/14, Day 14,022 (Mercena Day 40): FluxForward

While Mercena’s day featured a visit from Shaun Fauntleroy, my night was defined by a big push forward on Flux stuff (including a project called FluxForward).  We have a lot of balls in the air, and some of them are dropping, but on this particular night, Mercena slept long enough that I was able to knock quite a bit of Flux work out.

She’s sleeping a lot better now–up to five hours straight–and her positive mood and longer awake times have both grown. She can still pitch a mighty fuss, but that turning point we’d hoped for seems to have stuck around. I wouldn’t say she’s an angel baby, but she’d pretty darn close…though we know it can and will change again…

9/25/14, Day 14,023 (Mercena Day 41): Mercena’s First Rosh Hashanah

I walked in the post-rain dusk from the train through the gorgeous architecture and perfect lawns of the fancy part of Forest Hills for Mercena’s first Rosh Hashanah dinner.

(Side note: Heather and I made a very happy deal with Mercena; she’ll be raised Jewish for Heather and vegetarian for me. I suppose vegetarianism is a kind of faith, in some ways…)

Our host Julie shared a warm and delicious vegetarian meal, and Mercena blessedly slept through most of it.  So Shanah Tovah, friends who also celebrated the new year.

9/26/14, Day 14,024 (Mercena Day 42): 3 Christs at Judson

I was able to see my first play (besides Faust) since Mercena’s birth, and I was just giddy to be in an audience again. I really just love theatre, and it was a treat to see a production that made so many big, interesting choices, as well as many fine and detailed performances. Bravo to all!

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 150 out of 192 days (Taina and Marvin)
Spanish: 131 out of 192 days
Music: 54 out of 98 days

What small things did I do last week to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Ate and cooked local, organic, vegetarian food, and used cloth diapers for Mercena;
  • Signed a new petition for stronger net neutrality protections;
  • Offered my support to a colleague dealing with sexual harassment (not in the workplace, thankfully);
  • Contributed to a great phone call on NET’s organizational planning;
  • Signed up to make calls for progressive candidates.

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