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New Chapters

(Why am I naming days?)
08/19/15, Day 14,350 (Mercena Day 369): Chapter Four of After Earth Complete

Yesterday was particularly satisfying because two important projects very dear to my heart passed important milestones. I completed the fourth chapter of my sci-fi novel After Earth on the subway in the morning, and in the afternoon, received the green light for the launch of a TCG project I’ve been working on for almost two years. A great deal of work remains on both counts, but my life is all about the long game now; chipping away at these big dreams one day at a time. One setback, one adaptation, one little victory at a time. More on both these things soon.

08/18/15, Day 14,349 (Mercena Day 368): Liminal at the Fringe

This day was mostly defined by intense preparation for a presentation related to the TCG project above, but I also had the delightful opportunity to see my friend Amelia Parenteau’s production of her play Liminal at the Fringe. She had a great actress in the lead role, and the scenes with a chorus of NYC women undermining her protagonist’s claims for a single story were a particular joy. It was a 9:30pm show, and a late ride home, but I was grateful to reconnect with the Fringe, and witness Amelia’s work brought to vivid life. It is a searching, aesthetically restless, and socially-curious play that explores what connections are possible across our barriers of privilege, and how healing after trauma happens in a city of strangers. Bravo!


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If both what is before and what is after are in the same ‘now,’ things which happened ten thousand years ago would be simultaneous with what has happened today, and nothing would be before or after anything else.”

–Aristotle, c. 330BC, Athens

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